Price List (VAT included)

Prices effective from 1st February 2023

Gas & LPG (Prices for servicing only, no parts included)
Boiler service £84

Back boiler service £120
Boiler and fire £138
Fire service £84

Oil boiler services

£128 - This includes a replacement nozzle as standard. If any other parts are required, additional charges would apply.

Landlords Certificate (Including full service) – Gas & LPG
Boiler £90
Boiler and Fire £144
Boiler and Cooker £108
Boiler, Fire and Cooker £162
Back Boiler £132

£84 per hour + parts (minimum charge 1 hour)

*A minimum charge of £48 will apply for failed visits. This includes, but is not limited to, when we are unable to gain access to the property or when a boiler is in such poor condition that we are unable to carry out the intended work.